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About Us

We at Why Jamaica embed ourselves in Jamaican vibe, culture and nature and are inspired to share those special moments and places with our guests. We love to connect with locals, eat delicious food, and experience unique adventures on this truly magical island in the Caribbean. 


Jamaica has something to offer for everyone and we are here to create tailored made tour packages based on your budget, style and desires. 


People contact us as guests and leave as friends. 

Neta Galeen

Creator of Why Jamaica

Originally from Israel, but traveling and now living in Jamaica for almost 5 years. Jamaican music found me in a cosmic way that probably had to happen, and it completely changes my life.

From the first time I learned about the island I didn’t stop exploring, living and breathing Jamaica.


And now, it's time to share with the world the magic of Jamaica, tell the rich history and sweeping culture and give back to the island that has given me so much.

Simi Bruner


Being half German - half Israeli, born in the US, with family and friends scattered around the world, travelling has been an important part of my life ever since I can remember.


Quitting my job in Germany led me to travelling the world for 9 months and moving to Jamaica in 2018. Jamaica has a vibe I couldn't quite put into words, but I instantly fell in love with exploring this beautiful island. Living in the jungle of Portland farming, creating and working in hospitality, ital (natural) food and ecotourism have become the center of my life. 

Let us show you our natural real Jamaica through our eyes! 

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