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1. Form
Fill out the form online, so that we get a first impression of what kind of trip and information you are looking for

2. Book a Consultation Call

You will receive an email with the request to book a consultation call.

After scheduling the call you will receive an email with the payment information. Please pay the $50 before the consultation, so that we can proceed. Paypal or Israeli Bank transfer is the easiest payment method. Please make sure that it comes with no transaction cost on our behalf. 

3. Consultation Call

The consultation call will take up to one hour, and is filled with ideas for your trip, general tips and knowledge about Jamaica. Please ask us any questions you have, we are here to advise you. You will receive a comprehensive summary of the call via email within 24 hours. 

4. Book our Full Packages
We have three packages you can choose from:
Fawaad Backpackers $150:
Likkle More $250: Consultation Call, Itinerary, Booklet.
We Deh yah $300: Consultation Call, Itinerary, Booklet, Availability during your trip.
If you want to proceed with our services, you can choose a package below. $50 from the full price will be reduced in the open balance, as you have paid that already for the consultation call. 

5. Itinerary
According to our consultation call we will put together an itinerary for you.
We can make reservations with our drivers and tour guides and inquire availability for our partner accommodations. We will send you our affiliate booking links where applicable.
You will review the itinerary and make changes where you see them needed. The itinerary can be revised twice.  ​


6. Personalized Travel Booklet
After the itinerary is confirmed, we will send you your personalized travel guide with valuable detailed information & tips, do’s and don’ts, travel itinerary, restaurant & accommodation recommendations etc. All links are clickable and underlined with the appropriate website where applicable. 


7. We Deh Yah
When you book this package we are available for you throughout your trip for further information, feel free to contact us when you have any questions, need advice or further recommendations, want to change something in your itinerary etc. 


8. Fawaad Backpackers
If you are are backpacking through Jamaica and want to be more flexible, go with the flow once you are on the island etc., book this package to get valuable information, tips, do’s and don’ts, a probable itinerary for your trip, a generous list of recommendations for accommodations, restaurants & food options, activities, transportation, etc. and a budget estimation. 


ENJOY OUR VACATION and come again! 

You want to have an unforgettable experience in Jamaica,

but you’re not sure where to start....

Jamaica has so much to offer, but a simple google search might leave you completely overwhelmed by all the options.

That is what we are here for....

Jamaica is full of activities and attraction for ANY type of travelers. Let us know what it is that your looking for so we can structure the perfect itinerary to you needs by choosing the most fitting categories below.

As adventure experts, tour guides and Jamaican by heart, we are able to create tailored-made trips that will answer the desires of everyone in your group.

Together we’ll make sure that you have the best trip of your life within your budget and unique needs. We know what it is like to want the best from a vacation, so we’ll plan your trip like we would our own. Stress-free, fun, and with your custom interests in mind.

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