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Excursions & Attractions

Jamaica has something to offer for everyone!

Whether you enjoy a quiet, romantic vacation with your loved ones, just relax on the beach and eat good food, or party and mingle, get to know the culture, enjoy touristic must-do's or prefer more remote off the beaten path destinations - we got you covered with a list of worth your while to do's and will put together a fitting combination of attractions for your trip. 


  • Beaches

  • Lagoons

  • Rivers

  • Waterfalls 

  • Boat rides

  • Water Sports

  • Diving & Snorkeling

  • Bamboo Rafting

Mountains / Land: 

  • Hiking

  • Camping

  • Mountain / Dirt Biking

  • Rastafari Villages


Tourist Attractions / Culture:

  • Rum Tour

  • Adventure Parks

  • Museums

Food & Farms:

  • Farm to Table experiences

  • River Cook-up / workshop

  • Chocolate workshop

  • Farm hikes

  • Weed Farms

  • Coffee Farms

  • Markets



  • Parties

  • Concerts

  • Live Music 

  • Music Studios

And much more....

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