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#How to Arrive to Jamaica? 



If you decide to reach Jamaica by air you are ready for a long journey of at least 15 hours. 

Many times people will ask themselves first: “How do I even get to Jamaica?” Here we will list a few options how to get to Jamaica coming from: 


The cheapest way out of Europe is taking a Tuifly flight from Brussels or Amsterdam via Dominican Republic. There are direct flights from Frankfurt with Condor, Virgin Airline from London, Edelweiss from Zurich. Most flights from Europe to Jamaica land in Montego Bay MBJ and many of them are cheaper than $1000USD roundtrip (which is a real bargain), from Brussels oftentimes even under $500USD. The catch with finding a cheap ticket to Jamaic from Israel e.g. is that you have to flexible timewise and willing to fly with low cost airlines. But the big plus is that Israelis do not need a visa to travel through Europe.  


Visas are required for some countries. Usually the visa is not too expensive and relatively easy to obtain.
AirCanada is the most common airline connecting Canada to Jamaica, mostly flying into Kingston KIN.  



Visas are required for some countries. Usually the ESTA visa is not too expensive and relatively easy to obtain. Many American airports have direct flights to Jamaica (MBJ and KIN alike). Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta, New York, Baltimore, Dallas… 

Airlines for direct flights: Spirit Airlines, Frontier, Delta, JetBlue, Caribbean Airlines, American Airlines. 

South America: 

Due Jamaica’s proximity to South America, many travelers decide to continue to Jamaica after being in South America. But the truth is that many people are surprised how expensive and many times complicated to reach Jamaica, even though it being so close. There are not many direct flights from South America and most flights are diverted via the US for cheaper options. We recommend to try to fly via the Dominican Republic, and to fly with Copa Airlines.


#By Sea

It is very surprising as well and regretted by many, that there are almost no boats connecting Jamaica to other islands and places in the Caribbean and South America. So for those who are keen on sailing to Jamaica have two options: 

Cruise Ships: this is usually a very expensive and inflexible option, but could give you the option to visit several places within the Caribbean, but on very short trips without experiencing the countries. Ports in Jamaica accepting cruise ships are located in Montego Bay, Falmouth, Ocho Rios, Port Royal and small boutique cruises in Port Antonio. 

Sailing: The most common option for people coming to Jamaica by crossing the ocean is sailing privately. Either by hiring a private yacht for those you want to be very comfortable and have the money for it (if you are interested in further infos please contact us directly), or by sailing around the Caribbean by yourself.  There are many small ports to dock in across the island. When entering Jamaica by sea of course you still have to go through immigration first.  

#How to move around the island ?

Car rental

Recommended for those who want to be as flexible as possible, are comfortable driving on the right hand side and are experienced drivers. It is the most comfortable way to move around as you can see and find many more hidden and local places than taking the busses or taxis, but is not recommended for everyone (crazy drivers from very slow to very fast, overtaking on both sides of the roads, potholes, no streetlights at night many times, curvy roads, bad road conditions. Renting cars usually cost between $35 - $60 USD / day. It is not recommended to rent cars from private persons as these cars usually don’t have any agreements or insurances included. To be safe, always rent from a company (Island Car Rentals, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Avis, Budget). 

Knutsford Express 

Comfortable travel bus, sometimes equipped with wifi, AC and movies. Cost more than the coaster buses but are way more comfortable. It goes all around the island and reaches most well traveled places. The busses work via time schedule. 

The tickets can be purchased online or directly cash or with card at the stations.

Private Driver:

Hiring a private driver is the most expensive but most relaxing and fun way to travel around the island. We pick and trust our drivers, know that they have safe vehicles, and most of the times give you tours while driving talking to you about the history, culture, vegetation, food, places, insider local places etc.). You will have the benefit of being flexible but not having to deal with the roads and will get to know Jamaica through a local. Please contact us for hiring private tour guide-drivers. 

Taxis - here we have three options across the island: 

#Coaster Bus: Coster buses go between cities, are the cheapest way to travel between cities, but can be very uncomfortable as they pack the busses with way too many people and oftentimes you have to hold your luggage on your legs. There are no specific times, the busses leave once they are full. It also takes some time, as the busses make many stops along the way letting people on and off the bus, which can sometimes remind one of playing human tetris. But it is convenient for budget travelers experiencing real Jamaica. PAssengers pay their fare at the end of the drive as it depends how far the drive is. Sometimes when it is only one specific route everyone is going the Doctor (people and money collector) collects the money from everyone during the drive. If you don’t know the price ask the person sitting next to you what the price is, so that the Doctor doesn’t give you a tourist price. 


#Charter Taxi: If you don’t want to share the taxi with so many people who can also hire a chartered taxi (in Kingston e.g. via companies such as OnTime, El Shaddai, Mordechai… - these have fixed prices within the city), or people know taxi drivers and call them for drives. Always ask for the price first to avoid confusion and tricks at the end of your drive. This is a more expensive option but worth it for being more comfortable. 

# Route Taxi: The cheapest option to get around the island is taking a route taxi (make sure that the license plate is red, this makes the taxi legitimate and legal). The taxis have their specific routes during which passengers can get on and off wherever they need to on the route, routes cost within the city usually $150 - $200 JMD and are paid at the end of the drive, and between cities up to $600 per route. Route taxis are not very comfortable, as the drivers most of the times pack 1 -3 people more than allowed into the car.  Route taxis go all around the country into almost every community. When you want to get off the bus you just tell your driver in advance “One stop at …” or “Please remember to let me off at …”. 

car rental
Knutsfod Express
Private driver
Coaster Bus
Charter taxi
רוט טקסי

In Jamaica you can find any type of accommodation - Guesthouse, Airbnb, Hostel, Villa hote, All Inclusive Resort, eco-and retreat resorts etc… Finding the right kind of accommodation depends on your style, budget, location, time frame, amount of people traveling. Here are some tips for looking for / choosing the right type of accommodation. 

Check the exact location of the accommodation and make sure to know whether it is located directly on a main road, or off a dirt road, can a vehicle reach the accommodation or do you have to walk to it etc. 

Check the surroundings - is it a remote place, are necessities in close proximity, if not make sure to check in with your host how to get in and out of the accommodation. Many unique, local, beautiful places are hidden away from any main road, so just make sure you understand how to get around, especially if you are staying a few nights, oftentimes the host takes their guests around. 

Check reviews and ratings for a general feeling, although many amazing places are not necessarily online. Reviews are also all very personal and focus on everyone's personal experience, mood and personality. In Jamaica many small businesses work via Instagram, word of mouth or direct phone call and not always via a website. Hotels are all online. 

Check the cancellation condition, as you might want to be flexible in your schedule. Make sure you have a paying agreement (whether online in advance (website, airbnb etc.), cash upon arrival or if they take credit card / online payment such as payal, cashapp etc. 

IF the accommodation is remote and not in close proximity to amenities - please make sure to have enough cash with you, as most rural, remote places and small businesses operate on cash only. Also make sure whether the accommodation takes JMD only or foreign currency as well and if so which currency. 


Here is a list of the different types of accommodations in Jamaica:

Camping: Camping is not very common in Jamaica but very much doable in certain places. It is absolutely not recommended at all to camp freely just anywhere in Jamaica. Most camping sites are on private property for security. Many guesthouses will allow camping for a small fee if their space allows. More and more ecospots are coming up with clamping and camping options. In the national park Hollywell in the Blue Mountains there are campsites equipped with showers, toilets, running water, fire places. 

Hostel / Guesthouse: Many places around the island have hostels - cheap accommodations usually with shared rooms and bathrooms, a hangout zone for travelers from around the world. Yet it is the least local way to travel and many times locals who have not booked a bed are not allowed to enter, so people mingling inside the hostel are mostly foreigners. It is a great way for single travels to meet people and exploring together in a fun group. What differs a guesthouse from a hostel is that guesthouses usually have a shared common area but private rooms (and sometimes private bathrooms) for more privacy but yet a communal vibe.  

AIRBNB Vacation rentals: These can be anywhere - someone’s entire house/ apartment, someone’s room in their house,  cabins on someone’s property, camping in someone’s yard etc. Here you will find the most unique, fun, exclusive, remote, untouristic, authentic & local accommodation. There are numerous airbnbs all over the country. 


Private Villa: If you are coming with your family, group of friends, for an event etc. renting a villa can be very comfortable, convenient and price worthy. Most villas come with staff (cleaning, security, chef on request, driver etc. - just make sure to know beforehand what you will need and see if the villa can accommodate your needs. This gives you the freedom to feel at home on vacation with your group. Most villas have pools and are quite luxurious. 

Hotel and All Inclusive:

Hotels are all over the island and provide the most comfort if you want to spoil yourself. Not every hotel here is an All Inclusive Hotel and not every All Inclusive is a Resort, the price difference and vibe is tremendously different from one another, so make sure what you are looking for before you book a hotel. Most resorts and All Inclusives are along the northcoast and the west, ~ between Ocho Rios and Negril. In hotels you are on your own and flexible to explore the surrounding easily, whilst at All Inclusives and resorts you have entertainment, food, services on the property and don’t necessarily have to move too much. All Inclusive hotels are the best way to relax and pamper yourself, but the least local way to travel or get to know the country. There are family friendly resorts, adult only resorts, and even nudist resorts.

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