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Attraction & Must see destinations 

Every traveler who comes to Jamaica wants to make sure that he doesn't miss the most worthwhile destinations that the island has to offer, so the question "What are the destinations that should not be missed?..." is asked by almost every type of traveler who travels to the island for short or long periods.

The beauty of this magical island is that there are many places you should not miss, spread throughout the country and catering to all types of travelers who come to visit for various reasons. Supposedly it is very simple to know what the famous sites are in every city or district you will visit, but the truth is that there are many places that you should not miss, but they are much more hidden and less popular and sometimes it is difficult to even find them without the guidance of a guide or someone local.

Every traveler who is on the island comes here with a different agenda, so it's really hard to decide which destinations are a must and for whom... That's why I compiled for you a concise list of 10 must-see attractions and destinations in almost every district on the island.


  • DOCTOR CAVE BEACH | Excellent beach in Montego Bay, on Hip Street

  • RASTAFARI INDIGENOUS VILLAGE | A tour of the Rastafari village, an interesting way to learn about Jamaican culture

  • GREAT RIVER RAFTING | Rafting in the river on a bamboo raft, a calm attraction

  • CHUKKA SANDY BAY | Extreme activities

  • RAS NATANGO GALLERY | A gallery and garden in the middle of the mountains of Montego Bay, a special experience for nature and art lovers

  • ROSE HALL GREAT HOUSE | Tour following the local history

  • CORYDON ESTATE | An interesting tour of a historic farm

  • ROCKLAND BIRD SANCTUARY | Suitable for bird and nature lovers

  • PINEAPPLE BEACH | Stunning beach, free entry

  • LIFT FOIL | Cool water sports, possible on almost every beach

  • BAYSON RIVER AND FALLS | River and waterfalls


  • MARTHA BRAE RAFTING | Cruise on a bamboo raft in a stunning river

  • CHUKKA GOOD HOPE | A center with all kinds of adventure sports, extreme activities and more

  • HAMPDEN ESTATE | A tour of a historic Jamaican rum and sugar factory

  • LOUMINUS LAGOON | Night boat tour in the lagoon with glow-in-the-dark water

  • RIVER RAPIDS| Kayaking and tubing on the Rio Bueno River

  • 876 BEACH CLUB  | A nice private beach

  • HORSE BACK RIDING - horse riding

  • COCKPIT OCTOBER TOURS | Possibility to do some trekking and especially a lot of nature

  • SILVER SANDS BEACH | A really beautiful public beach




  • WHITE RIVER RAFTING| River cruise on a raft

  • STUSH IN THE BUSH | A vegan culinary experience at an organic farm

  • BLUE HOLE | Waterfalls a must visit

  • DUNNS RIVER FALLS | Waterfalls a must visit

  • KONKO FALLS | Waterfalls a must visit

  • CHUKKA COVE  AND CLIFF | Horse riding, ATV and more..

  • PLEASURE COVE BEACH| Nice beach to visit

  • MAHOGANY BEACH | Nice beach to visit

  • CRANBROOK RAINFOREST | A tour of a botanical garden with a river and lots of nature, a stunning place

  • CALBYS RIVER AND PARK| River and park

  • DOLPHIN COVE | Swimming with dolphins

  • MYSTIC MOUNTAIN| Extreme, cable car, zip line and more

  • LAUGHING WATERS | A stunning beach located at the point where the river and the sea meet

  • BOB MARLEY BIRTH PLACE – NINE MILE | Bob Marley's birthplace, a sort of small museum

  • PUERTO SECO BEACH | Nice private beach

  • GREEN GROTTO CAVE | Historical caves

  • TURTLE RIVER FALLS | A park with a river

  • SHAWK PARK AND GARDENS | A park with a river



  • SEVEN MILE BEACH | The famous stretch of beach in Negril

  • RICKS CAFE | A very famous restaurant on the cliff in Negril

  • CATAMARN SUNSET CRUSIE | There are all kinds of options for sailing on a catamaran

  • MAYFIELD FALLS| waterfalls

  • BENTA FALLS | waterfalls

  • ROARING RIVER | river

  • ZIMBALI  | A culinary experience in the jungle

  • JAMWEST| Challenge and extreme park

  • ABEKUTA PARK | Natural spring and park

  • JAMAICA GIANT PARK| Wood and stone sculpture park

  • CAMPBELLTON MOUNTAIN| Challenges and Escator Park

  • YS FALLS| Waterfalls and park

  • BENTA RIVER FALLS| Waterfalls and a river



  • FRENCHMAN COVE | Stunning beach

  • RIO GRANDE RIVER RAFTING | Rafting on one of the biggest rivers on the island

  • BLUE LAGOON | Blue Lagoon, a stunning place and a must

  • MONKEY ISLAND| A deserted island in front of the blue lagoon

  • REACH FALLS | Stunning waterfalls

  • SCATTER FALLS | waterfalls

  • BOSTON BEACH| A beach that is also suitable for surfing

  • WINFORD BEACH | Stunning beach

  • THE LIVIGN DAY LIGHTS | A bar in the middle of the jungle

  • NANNY FALLS | A trip to natural waterfalls in the area where the Jamaican Maroons lived

  • NAVY ISLAND | A deserted island in front of the Fort Antonio forest

  • CASCADE FALLS| waterfalls

  • BLUE MOUNTAINS| The highest mountains in Jamaica and the main coffee growing place on the island

  • CASCADE FALLS | In the mountain area - beautiful waterfalls



Bath Fountain Hotel and Spa A natural spring with medical mud where you can make massages, hot baths.





The Blue Mountains are the recommended itinerary for those who love nature and walks. There is an option to enjoy the national park which is on the mountains but not soaked or to enjoy good coffee (grown in the area) and of course the highlight is to climb to the top of the mountain and see the sunrise from there.

The climb to the top is suitable for groups mainly because of the cost to get to the guest house in the area (only 4*4 vehicles can get there) and the cost of the tour and going up by car will be more convenient for a group than for a single person. The climb usually starts at night in the dark and takes about 3 hours, at the end of the journey you will get to see the sunrise from the edge of the mountains.

Cafes in the mountains that serve coffee from the mountains are:

  • EITS Café

  • The Gap Café

  • Coffee Tour at Holywell

  • Café Blue

  • Blue Brew


You must spend at least a night or two in Kingston, I recommend coming on Sunday night, there is a session - which is another name for the party there, every Sunday called Kingston Dub Club. The place itself is on the mountains with a view of all of Kingston and other districts, and amazing music playing from a sound system that is a huge wall of speakers. It will be reggae music.


As I mentioned in Kingston you will find all the parties, there are several parties that take place every day during the week and sometimes several in one evening until the morning. I will send you details about each day and locations of parties, but in Kingston in general it is super easy to find places to party, whether it's Zahem and Adon or a street party, there is everything, most of the music will be dancehall or black music.

Outside of Kingston there is a deserted island called LIME CAY, you can reach it by boat from PORT ROYAL and basically spend a few hours there, there is nothing on the island except silence and natural beauty, I really recommend it, it's a stunning place.

Caymanas River  - Nice river to go to on Sundays usually there is music, vibe, people enjoying the river there, families, minimal cost to enter but it's a beautiful place with a big clean river to swim in.

  • Trench town yard

  • Orange street

  • downtown Kingston

  • Life Yard

  • Peter Tosh

  • Marley Museum

  • Tuff gong Studio

  • Jamaica music museum


PELICAN BAR A stunning bar in the middle of the water, a special and recommended place, you can only get there by sailing in a small boat, it's not a place to spend the night but you can spend a few hours there.


Treasure beach - a beautiful place where you can spend a day or two, it's very quiet, there are almost no people there, there are many Airbnbs and a hotel with a cool vibe that I know there.

In this area you can find many tours following the crocodiles in the area, they live in the Black River area freely and there are many tours offered by boats with professionals who take you to see the crocodiles in the wild. Really nice, exciting and experiential.

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