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Floyd’s Pelican Bar | St Elizabeth

The most unique and cool bar you will find in Jamaica

Floyd’s Pelican Bar is located in Parottee Bay in St Elizabeth on the South Coast of Jamaica and has to be one of the most unique places to eat and have a drink in the entire world – hands down the best bar in the Caribbean!

This Bar is not a spot to get a drink and leave, its located in the middle of the bay, and to get there you will need to take a 10 or 20 minutes boat ride 9depnding where you depart from)and once you arrive, trust me, you will not want to leave.

The bar offers the most efficient sun tan spot you will find in the island, shallow ocean water (in which you might will be lucky to find baby barracuda fish), drinks rum or a cold bear, or enjoy the sea food menu in the restaurant.

The atmosphere in Pelican bar is everything! It felt so fun and relaxing to be there that I almost didn’t feel to touch my phone or take any picture. The water level is about waist level and its so nice to just enjoy a cold beer in the water or if you love snorkeling you should bring you gear to enjoy the beautiful reef right next to the bar. We where lucky to see baby Barracuda fish !!

The owner of the place is Delroy Forbes (a.k.a. Floyd), a fisherman from the remote seaside village of Parottee that Most times just hanging out, drinking beer and playing dominoes with his friends in the bar.

The design of the bar is similar to local bar – hut style with several sitting area and table to dine or play board games. The unique design also includes hundred and thousands of personal souvenirs or hand engraved names of many visitors that had been in the bar since its established in 2001.

Got to meet @travelbuddyja , was really nice surprise...

The vision of the bar came to the founder in a dream – of a bar in the middle of the sea that will be a chill spot to him and his friends. And in 2001 this cream came into reality, the name of the bar was inspired by the large flocks of pelicans who visit often and rest on the sand..

The structure of the bar is just breathtaking, located about 1 mile in the middle of the turquoise Caribbean Sea water, build up from driftwood, palm fronds and coconut tree trunks. This bar attracted hundreds of tourists a week on non COVID-19 times (but even now…) but it still keeps it own authentic Jamaica style- no commercialized and for sure an experience you would want to miss.

Directions to Pelican Bar

Pelican bar boats depart from several locations; In which ever way you choose ensure you take your captain phone number or set a time with him to when should he come up for pick up.

Black River

This is probably the most popular location - Black River, if you stop at the market and looks like a tourist you won’t finds it hard to a boat ride, the captains usually hustle to find customers in the town center.

  • · Cost US$20-25 about JM$2,500 per parson

  • · Time 20 minutes each direction


Bottom of Form

The is the cheapest and fastest option to reach the bar, if you have a drive it’s a pluse, because the shore of Parottee is about 5-10 minutes from the Black River town centre. You will pass by many private homes with signs saying ‘Pelican Bar Boat’ so from there, its you time to choose your captain.

  • · Cost US$10 about JM$1,000 per person

  • · Time 10 minutes each direction

You can contact Captian Dee - +1 (876) 860-7277 (tell him Neta from Why Jamaica send you)

Treasure Beach


This will be the longest and more expensive boat ride, if you stay in the area you can easily ask your host to recommend a captain, but since there is some distance the ride will take longer..

  • · Cost US$25 about JM$3,500 per person

  • · Time 25 minutes each direction

Even though it’s a very short sailing to get to the bar, its without no doubt a memorable experience. The captain will dock on land and help the ladies to load the boat, you can ask for life vest if you wish – all boats should have that as an option and a must for children.

The salty water and the fresh breeze will blow you away (literally) while you getting close and close to the ultimate chill spot. Once arriving the captain will dock in the entrance to allow smooth pass way from the boat to the bar. It is possible to visit Pelican bar without getting wet at all, but of course its recommend to dress accordingly and not skip a dip in the refreshing sea water.

After visiting Pelican Bar for several times in gap of years in between, I can certainly say this place is truly unique and sustainable. Even if to some it might seems like a crazy idea when just created.

One of the most memorable experience is seeing all of the carving places everywhere you can possibly look. Name of visitors, artist, famous people, different country flags, license plates and so many more simply items that were brought as a souvenir from the coming guest. In fact, as you will reach, the bartender will ask if you are inserted to carve your name and will gladly carve whatever you wish on a blank spot (which are hard to find) in the bar. You can be kind and leave a small tip for the carving – but its no a must.

I must say that I had tried to look for my carving done in 2017 (see in photo) but there where SO MANY other carvings that it was almost impossible…

Since the establish of Pelican bar the Caribbean weather had made to almost completely destroy the property, it was in 2004 with Hurricane Ivan (category 5) that had damage in the Caribbean and United States and Pelican bar was no exception.

The hurricane completely destroyed the bar and the owner Floyd had no insurance to cover the cost of the damage. But this wasn’t the end of Pelican Bar, and with the great help of the community members (who also benefit from this attraction) they were able to raised funds to the reconstruction of the bar and the new bar was completed within a month.

Pelican Bar & restaurant menu

One thing you should know is that you can easily spend a whole day here, so if you wish to do so, prepare you pocket accordingly. As its not custom to carry and food or drinks (since it a bar) you should know that a beer will cost around $ 400 JMD, and in that spot, one beer just won’t do it…

The bar menu is mainly … Red Stripe, Heineken, Smirnoff, Dragon stout, rum and soft drinks, and simple cocktails or mix..

The restaurant menu is offers mainly fish and sea food with some local cuisine. The fish & sea food are freshly-caught and can be prepared based on your preference. Sides are also added like home made bammi , festivals , rice and peas and breadfruit.

Prices are from 10 USD or 1500 JMD and up for a dish.

Dishes are done to order (about 45 minutes waiting for a group) – so its recommended to order as you arrive.

Packing list & Tips:

  • Carry enough cash with you, any type of card is not accepted.

  • Sunblock & hat – the bar have different area where most are open , ensure protecting your skin while been expose to such a direct sun in the middle of the sea. Its easy to forget when you have fun !

  • Mobile phone power charger – you will want to take picture and get some memories and its pretty obvious you wont find any plug in this bar right?..

  • Ensure charging all you electronics before arrival….

  • There is a new section build to function as a restroom and changing room but in reality you can also pee in the water because the rest room is just a whole in the floor… (don’t come heavy to the bar !)

  • Swim wear & towel is a must if you wish to in the water .. but I would bring it anyway…

  • Carry an item or anything that represent you or your country (like a flag, license plate, key ring..) to leave as a memory in the bar.

  • Carving is free don’t leave without having a memory to come back to… take a picture of the carving and estimate location that you might find in your next visit.

  • Come early The bar close before sunset… so ensure that you have some few good hours there..

  • There are no kids activities or facilitates in the Pelican Bar, and its not a spot for young children as the edge of the bar is not fenced.

  • COVID 19 Update : Mask are mandatory in the entrance and temperature check is also done upon arrival !

In summary, this bar is truly an attraction you have to try yourself! don’t miss this opportunity to completely disconnect and relax in the midst of the sea… truly natural vibration that will do your spirit only good !

Spend a day here, come with a group of friends, or as a couple, play board games, drinks some, eat some, swim some, dance some and you will come back home pleased and exhausted.

Let me know in the comment if you ever visit here before and how did you enjoy it?

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