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Camp Millbrooks | When history and Nature meets

Before starting this blog I would never imagine that St. James parish would have so much to offer, and honestly I didn’t even knew its significant history for the story of independent in Jamaica. It is truly amazing to see how much beauty hold a strong and painful history and the unfortunate reality that many places as such we never been preserved as they should and just turn into bush of just greenery that cant tell the story for visitor or people passing by.

So when I first found Camp Millbrooks online I didn’t even knew it was such an important location, and by having a guided tour by the current owner Mr Richard Wright I was interduces to the full story of the area. So before I even start sharing my experience I have to stop and say big thank you for the amazing added value & knowledge I had gained by been a part of this tour.

Camp Millbrook’s is nestled in the hills of St James, in Tangle River Community in the cockpit country of Jamaica. The area is limestone in nature which created a formation of underground waterways, natural gullies and over forty caves just in the camp area, hence the Community name – Tangle River.

Research states that Jamaica is blessed with more than fifty percent of the world's medicinal plants and more than half of these plants are bioactive in nature. The nature in the camp area is so diverse and unique and had been attracting many researches projects mainly regarding medical usage of plants that are endemic to the cockpit country.

In the short time i got to meet and interview Richards I learned about his big ideas of how to utilize the natural resources of the place and his important intention to collect statistical data and promote the public's education and awareness of medicinal plants usage among various demographics and reach out to those who wish to preserve traditional ecological and cultural knowledge, as well as to find alternative means to manufacture natural medicines that can be used to cure diseases.

At Camp Millbrooks, the busyness and excess of the modern world are pared- back to encourage a sense of splendid isolation and holistic well- being. Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit are nurtured through the delicate combination of protected and refined wilderness, organic food, drink and environmentally friendly atmosphere......... second to none.

The camp is situated in such a serene and tranquil environment that makes you feel so relaxed and welcomed and truly allow you to loose all the stress and unnecessary worries. Sitting on the benches in the top of the hill and looking out on the land that once use to be full with plantation and had seen and experience the first rebellion oppression in Jamaica was pretty incredible.

Camp Millbrook located in a historical area where the first independent war of the Africans decent in Jamaica started by the leadership of Sam Sharpe, one of Jamaica hero. On the way to the camp you will also pass by a memorial sign telling the story of Kensington Estate which was the first place to lit to start the fire of what is widely known in Jamaica's history as the Christmas Rebellion, Sam Sharpe Rebellion, or the 1831-32 Slave Insurrection.

The visit here definitely was a interesting one and truly put some clear vision in places to many of the stories I heard about this brave rebellion fight. The story of this place is fascinating, but wait until you hear the plans for the future – Mr Wright plans are to make this place a retreat area, offering place of sanity and serenity in the middle of greenish hills. Place to relax and replenish but also a place to create and research.

Currently the camp has many activities like Offred, such as : Horseback Riding, Camping, Historical Tours, Petting Farm, Botanical Tours, Geological Tours, Caving and much more is planned. For Booking a visit or if you are interested to volunteer in Camp Millbrook you will have to contact Direct Line:(876) 434-5977 OR (876) 631-6412 | USA : 917-508-6433 | Email | IG | Website

Want to hear more about investing or research opportunities?

Contact Richard Wright at

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