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Duncan’s Bay & Johnson's Pen Cave | Trelawny

This blog I continue exploring Trelawny hidden gems, visiting Beach, Duncan’s Bay and Johnson's Pen Cave. These places are perfect for some quite time away from crowd, so make sure you check them out in your next trip to Trelawny parish in Jamaica.

Duncan’s Bay located next to Silver Sands Beach is a piece of white sand beaches in a hidden spot in Trelawny, north coast of Jamaica. The residential area offers villa rental, and the beach has a unique look with a large lawn area and long stretch of sand beach.

Johnson's Pen Cave located in Duncan’s Bay is also hidden but beautiful, well lighted and suite for family traveling as well, you can link Duggy for an entertaining tour in the cave. Let me know in the comment if you visited here before….

There are 2 sperate sections, The Silver Sand Beach club established in1945, its a private gated resort with villas and beach club. And Duncan’s Bay residential area established 1960 with public beach. Both of these areas share a 3 miles of beautiful white sand beach stretch and, amazing clear turquoise water.

Duncans Bay Beach is one the most relaxed beaches you can find in Jamaica, with breathtaking views and rich history. The fun part about this beach is that it has a large lawn area, perfect for families and groups to Seattle more comfortably and not getting dirty by the sand.

This is actually one of my favorite places to hang out on weekend, I love the chill vibe and the welcoming feeling from the local community. The public beach is super clean and well kept in all times, and since its located in a residential area, visitors are required to follow the beach roles and keep it clean and quite.

Cottages, Villas and other variety of accommodation available for booking in the area, and all are with-in a comfortable walking distance to the beach. Visitors staying in the area, usually enjoy the beach and other activities like snorkeling or fishing. Also, the heavy wind in the beach brings a lot of surfers for Kiteboarding and other water sports activities.

The History of Silver Sands beach club, start from the 19th century, when Trelawny parish had the largest number of sugar estates in Jamaica. And, what is now known as Silver Sands was originally a The Derby Wharf, port for the shipping of sugar and rum to England.

As the decline of the sugar industry in the parish continued, the total trade collapsed and the wharf along with Johnston Pen property were eventually sold to different owners who during the years converted the wharf house to cottage for rent and establishes the Silver Sand club.

Next to Duncan’s Bay residential is Johnson's Pen, The Estate was created in 1795 and during the years had different type of products like cane, pimento and cattle. Nowadays no one lives in that area, but there is a hidden cave located 5 min from the main road.

The cave have many names like Duncan’s Cave, Arawak Cave, Cave of Refuge, and Johnson's Pen Cave. But its officialy named Johnson's Pen Cave by the Jamaican Caves Organization.

Not many people know about this cave, because it is not a licensed attraction by the Jamaica Tourist Board and there is no sign in the area, so if you wish to tour the cave I would recommended to visit the public beach first and ask locals for Duggy, he is the one who do tours in the cave.

The history of this cave is actually really surprising, and its told that during Sam Sharp Rebellion in 1831 enslaved persons used to hide William Knibb from the violent white slave masters who persecute him due to his work to abolish slavery in Jamaica.

Compare to other caves, this one has plenty of light that’s coming form areas where the roof of the cave had collapsed and allow the light and ventilation to add natural sunlight almost everywhere.

The entrance of the brick wall is pretty impressive and also indicate that this cave was still used not to many years ago. The tree’s roots incredibly run thru the roof of the cave all the way to the ground.

Overall this cave is very different and unexpected, not something I imagine when seeing it from far, and its truly amazing to get to visit places like this and always be surprised by the beauty of Jamaica.

There are several objects that you can find in the cave, like the water well, located next to the entrance steps, and the manmade features that believed to be Taino chief couple tombs. It was extremely hard to research about this cave because of the lack of information, but locals say that Taino archaeological finds\bones, were discovered under the tombs and were transported them of the country.

The cave itself is not that big and consist of 5 main sections when most of them is pretty lighted, high ceiling and have a chilly breeze. So you can defiantly visit the cave without no special equipment.

I enjoyed this short tour, let me know what you guys thinking in the comment or if you have visited here before?

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