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10 Things you should avoid doing while traveling in Jamaica

As a traveler you should feel free to be yourself and engage with local cultures, especially in Jamaica, there is this unique vibe that give visitor the freedom to be who you are !

Personally, I believe that it is important to listen and observe your surroundings, and learn and notice more things around you. After all the local culture in Jamaica is fascinating and full of life, and its fun to understand what is happening around you…

From my experience of living on the island and getting to know the culture, I learned how important it is to observe locals and learn their behavior and daily dialect to gain more confident when communicating with locals.

But don’t be afraid, because Jamaicans are super kind people, and they will accept you just like you are, don’t change your ways… but learn the Caribbean vibe…!

A lot of the tourist who come to spend here long period of time, defiantly want to blend in a bit more, and try as much to have local habits and simple ‘street smart’. This blog will give you important tips to what not to do when traveling on the island, and will help you to understand the culture better.

1. Keep clean and in good hygiene

Jamaicans don’t play with dirt, literally, keep your self clean and presentable in all times. Also don’t offer to share dish like cup\fork with others unless it’s your partner… Jamaicans are very sterile and don’t do those things…

Handling food from street vendor fancy restaurant is done with good care of clean and sterile dishes, no one will ever touch your food literally, art of peeling fruits in the street, everything you buy will be in a bag…

Another common thing is to sit on the floor, Jamaicans, don’t do that… so if you want to blend in …

2. Don’t act like you know more then locals…

Give locals the credit to teach you about their own country. Even if you researched a lot before coming, or you even live this culture for years like me, please don’t come hype over people here and think that you know more about Jamaica then them. I truly hate when people come to other country to teach locals they know better about their own country.

I often feel this from people when they talk about politics or crime in the island and I just want to advise to listen and learn before you voice your opinion…

3. Don’t joke with immigration or any other government worker\police

Yes, people here are super friendly and helpful, but not the ones with authority form government… like police\ immigration …

This is for the unruly people .…be careful and try you best to keep manners and don’t be road… overall it will help you anywhere you will go and with anyone that you will meet.

Government officials have their think they are saint so don’t try confuse them.. they don’t care you are a tourist; they will teach you a lesson…. Also be wise with money and bribe…

4. Act like a Jamaican – don’t walk in dark’ rain

City streets can be a bit risky to person who don’t know the place, but you don’t need to avoid it completely. Always better to walk with a person \ local.. and to know when to not walk : dark, rain… don’t walk with you valuable (phone, jewelry) in crowded places.. this applied more to city areas…

5. Don’t have to be punctual, don’t believe 'soon come'

Things here happen in their own paste, and that something you just need to learn and adopt for the time being here. When someone is telling you soon come its going to take another 30 min at least….

6. Don’t feel like you have to smoke \ over do it because you are in the island

You can enjoy Jamaica the same way even without smoking OR drinking… fell free to enjoy the natural vibe in the Caribbean, the music, people, food and all of this beauty!!

most importantly, don't stress out yourself to act in any certain way ! be you !

7. Don’t disrespect people

Jamaican don’t like when people dis (disrespect) them, if you want to learn more - listen to their music, respect is a big thing here and you build \ destroy the respect you have for people or people have for you…

Manners are important here, say good morning or blessing, greet people, be polite and friendly.

8. Don’t walk with bathing suite everywhere

We know you are in vacation, but its doesn’t mean you have to it be wearing swim suite 24\7… dress properly top laces, a lot of them wont let you in wearing to expose clothes… .

9. Don’t refuse locals who offer to show you around

Locals will only show you the beauty others not know, follow their recommendation and go to trips with them so you can see more them what you imagined…

Please remember to tip the person as a thank you, its ruse not to.

1. Don’t be too self – CONSCIOUS be free and confident, relax

This is the place to feel free, confident and do what you imagine to do.

Don’t be uptight, feel free to relax and truly embrace the quite life in Jamaica

I know everyone experience in Jamaica is different, so I would love to hear if my point seems correct to you ... let me know in the comment below. .

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