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Black History & Reggae Month celebrated on February 2021

To all of my music lovers I know this past year without live shows was very hard, but the only good thing that can make it a bit better is that we are so close so Black History & Reggae Month celebrated on February 2021. This year as you probably guesses al shows are virtually but that defiantly does not take away the energy and feeling of a concert !

The Reggae Month is a yearly celebration happening mainly in Kingston, but this year you can experience straight from your living room. The Month includes of virtual events like the Jamaica Music Museum’s Grounation discussion series as virtual sound clash, live shows, Reggae Open University. and more

The Government of Jamaica officially declared the month of February as Reggae Month in 2008. This was done to highlight and celebrate the impact of the indigenous musical genre on the country’s social, cultural, and economic development. The month-long celebration intends to draw an audience from across the globe, with reggae lovers tuning in on a virtual platform.

Additionally, the birthdays of two of Jamaica’s and Reggae music’s late icons are commemorated during the month of February. Dennis Brown, also known as the ‘Crown Prince of Reggae’, is celebrated on February 1 while Robert Nesta ‘Bob’ Marley, the renowned ‘King of Reggae’, is celebrated on February 6.

Reggae Month 2021, is a product of a partnership between the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport and the Ministry of Tourism. The events will be broadcast across local television stations and live-streamed on various social media pages like

The event start on Sunday, January 31 night continuing throughout February with a plenty of virtual events. The full calendar is attached below and also for the official website click here.

Let me know in the comments which one of the event you inserted to watch…?

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