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Cool things to do in Montego Bay under 10 $

Montego Bay’ or ‘mobay’ also called the ‘second city’ is known for the its all-inclusive resort and luxury life style, but I am here to show you, that you can still find many activities and destination you can visit in the city on a budget , for less then 11 $ or Free !

So, on this blog I gathered for you a list of places that you should visit when traveling to Montego Bay and especially if you want to get more of the real local experience and explore off the beat activities.

# 1 Tropical Bliss Beach

Located right next to the airport and right before the entrance to the city is Tropical Bliss Beach, it is a main stop for cruise passengers that offers beautiful and well-kept beach with great restaurant, water activities, amenities of changing room and restroom, and a bar and places to rent equipment. Here you can enjoy an energized atmosphere along with an island-inspired cocktail in hand.

# 2 Dead End (Buccaneer) Beach

Located on Kent Avenue Dead-end beach (sometimes called Buccaneer Beach) is a public beach at the northern end of central Montego Bay. Visiting Dead End Beach is an easy way to get an authentic Jamaican beach experience in Montego Bay. The beach is free to access and mostly attracts local visitors. There is a bar opposite the beach with a pool table which is popular with Montego Bay residents.

The beach is right next door to the Donald Sangster International Airport; visitors can enjoy the thrill of watching low-flying aircraft come in to land whilst they bathe.

# 3 Doctor’s Cave Beach

Next on the list of things to do under 10$ in Montego is the famous Doctor’s Cave beach. This beach is perfect for families and children because the water are usually calm and pretty shallow, and clear from coral reef or any other creatures…

This beach is usually crowded with cruise ship passengers during the high season and other travelers form the hotel in the area, but has great facilities in the place and a very lose Starbucks.

The beach was founded in 1880 by Doctor Alexander James McCatty and was used as a sanatorium. He hosted many of his doctors friends that entered the beach thru a cave, that was destroyed by a hurricane in 1932.

# 4 Harmony Beach & Park

This new beach was recently renovated by The Urban Development Corporation. Harmony Beach Park, a free access, public beach facility will be opened to the public as soon as public safety protocols allow.

The property is an active public park with elements which encourage wellness, enterprise, and entertainment as there are spaces for exercise, play, relaxation, and sports.

# 5 Margaritaville

Located on the Hip Street this is probably the most popular hot spot for locals and visitors offering great vibe and free water activities! Al you will need to do is just support the bar or the restaurant and your good to go!

This is also perfect location for families that want a fun activity on a budget!

# 6 Yacht Club

The Montego Bay Yacht Club was refurbished in 2006 with a new building, landscaped grounds, and a small swimming pool. The club is a warm and friendly family environment with a great bar and restaurant, making it the place in western Jamaica for sailing, fishing, or just to hang out and make friends.

This is a perfect location if you location for some privacy and romantic location.

# 7 Pineapple Beach

Located almost on the border between St James to Hanover, this beach is very different by having a big lawn area that almost makes is look like a park. The ambiance of the place it perfect for people who love their space and being around nature.

Its an eco friendly business that offers social event during the weekend, currently they have Yoga on washday’s and live music for the rest of the week – end. They also do movie drive in event in their big parking lot.

It’s a whole vibe, you have to visit there…

# 8 Mobay Kart World

This one is such a cool attraction, located a few minutes out of the city, this is the perfect location for families looking for some fun activities for everyone. There is always music playing and good vibe so you not going to get bored, and also the location on the race course is right in the middle of a the beautiful green lushes valley.

# 9 Solace Restaurant & Lounge

The perfect spot to end a day in Montego Bay is watching the sunset from the mountain view. The restaurant has an breathtaking view that will blow you away, and of course, great food.

Let me know in a comment if you also like to travel on a budget in other places in the island…

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