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How relocation to Jamaica changed my life

Relocating to any country can be a challenging, and even if you have visited a country many times before you actually moved, you will find it different to adjust living there.

Things that are daily and simple just change completely, and you learn a new language, culture and how to communicate and friends with new people. But relocating also comes with a lot of learning, and sometimes even life changing moments.

This blog will share with you all the good changes that I made in my life since moving to Jamaica. And why those things improve my life and are part of my progress life journey.

So lets start….

1. Eating healthier and stopped smoking Cigarettes

I significantly reduced eating dairy foods here in Jamaica, simply because there is more fresh food options here and also from health reason. I do feel healthier and I ensure eating fresh produce and even grow them by myself. Also most of the produce you will find locally will be much less chemically influenced then the things coming from outside of the island.

Overall the if you follow local nutrition you will see how heathy its is. Notorious veggies and fruits are available and always in reach, this also help to improve my diet.

One of the things I really wanted to change was my smoking habit. When I moved to the island, I realized that smoking cigarettes is not really common in Jamaica and less social excepted… but mainly much more costly due to high taxes. These things defiantly helped a lot in my journey and resulted me completely stop smoking cigarette.

2. Improve and maintain close overseas family & friends relationship

If you relocate you know you will have to give up certain things including being close physically to your friends and family. The distance will sometime force you to invest even more in your ‘overseas relationships’.

I find that I speak with each one of my family members and friends individually and it shortly help to build relationship and might even put us more together then ever before.

3. Loving & accepting my body

The local culture adore women and accept them in any size or shape, so instead of feeling low and not confident in Jamaica every women gets attention from even just walking on the street.

Seeing other women feeling proud and free in their body also inspired me to start thinking the same and really loving my body. There is no social pressure to be slim or fit, but more to look attractive, clean and fresh.

4. Conquer my fears

Living on this beautiful island and not exploring it would be a shame, so I do take my time to travel around, and get to have many adventures experiences.

Sometime you might will have to hike thru the bushes, or climb on a hill to get to a hidden gem, and this had forced me to do new things and conquer my fears.

Generally living in Jamaica might not be for incest haters even due its not that bad here, but there are lizards everywhere…

5. Being more appreciative for life

Only here I actually understood the meaning of the word grateful – seeing people appreciation to the simple things in life will put thing in perspective for you, and it sure did to me.

I find it super inspiriting to talk and interact with locals that live a different lifestyle then you… it’s a great opportunity to know the culture more but also learn new mind set skills for life.

6. Live more natural & freer

Jamaica have this unique sense of freedom, feeling that you can and should be who you are get ride of the stress and self-judgment and just be present. Jamaicans are also open mind people and expressive persons who know how to practice freedom to feel great.

7. Music & creativity is always round you

Jamaica culture is known and famous mainly because of the autunitic music coming from the island. Music and creativity is all around you, that is way a lot of creative entrepreneur are attracted to live in the island as well. You will never get board around Jamaicans and you will see how many creativity is a huge part of the locals DNA.

8. Enjoy and be Present in every second of life

Jamaicans will show you hoe to be truly in the moment, present and enjoy every second. Every second in life is precious and not taken for granted, and here you will really feel it from the locals, so don’t hesitate to express you feelings and relax your brain with unnecessary stress.

9. Not living in fear of wars

Well this one is really personal to me, as an Israeli I think I feel more relaxed knowing there are no wars where I live and I don’t need to run for a shelter…

10. Get inspired 24\7

Everyone here are so creative and have this entrepreneur ship spirit, it’s just inspiring…

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