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Jamaica is not a real place, ever heard that before?

Well I feel it every day here, very unique things can happen here in Jamaica, that I didn’t see nowhere around the world!

But it’s not only that, there is this special vibe in the island that really make visitor much freer to express them self’s.

And there are certainly things that you can do here, but you probably won’t do anywhere else around the world.

This is a funny list of things can only happen or things you can only do I Jamaica…

1. Only in Jamaica everyone is just naturally talented and creative

I really don’t know what make people here super talented, but it’s a fact. The local vibe around music is probably what crated so many people involve in that industry.

Creativeness & Music is a big thing here, and almost every local you will meet will probably have a special talent\gift of singing\dancing\art..

This energy brings a lot of musicians to Jamaica, movie creators, producer and more… there is something very authentic in the island and the simplicity of the people.

Here, you easily can find yourself in a studio around local artist. It’s a part of the culture, even church take music very seriously.

Jamaicans don’t have stage fear- and they love to stand in front of crowd and do something…perform or just be themselves.

2. Only in Jamaica you should walk with umbrella throughout the year

For 2 reason: surprising shower rains & intense hot sun

HOT Its very common to carry an umbrella during the whole year and not based on season time. A lot of people walk with umbrella when the sun is hitting hard.

RAIN is something you can’t really expect here, the weather is so different from parish to parish, and change so often during the day.

So make sure that you are always prepared with umbrella especially if the weather don’t look good, the great thing is that you will have fun even if its going to rain…

3. Only in Jamaica you can actually build your confident

Jamaica is a whole different vibe, and the outspoken culture here will also make you eventually feeling freer to express yourself.

Even for people who travel for a short period of time here, the local ‘forward’ make so many people just naturally feel good here, feel empowered.

A lot of people let them self get loose as a result of this trust of no judgement and simplicity… ad trust me it goes along why and influence people life.

You can dress up fancy 24\7 , dance how you feel like, dance with a partner, smoke some great herbs and enjoy no judgment.

Its very easy to get attention in Jamaica, and it always feels like locals love action and the feeling like ‘something is happening’ so its defiantly a vibe to be around locals, they will automatically make you feel welcomed and important by giving you freedom to be who you are.

Also Only in Jamaica people are extra and excited about the simple things in life- its something to be inspired from.

4. Only in Jamaica there is no religious hate

This is probably something most people or locals don’t even realize, but Jamaica is one of those countries in the world where it seems like no one is playing hate on any religion and there is a big variety of cultures and religion in Jamaica.

When it comes to small minorities there are lots of them on the island, and the moto is ‘out of many one people’ so you can really see that there is a real mixture here and people just learn to live together and support each other.

There are lots of Indian, Chinese, middle-eastern, Spanish and lots of different religion that people practice every day and there is no hate against no region really, also faith and the place of God is a very important thing in Jamaica.

So feel free to wear clothing resenting you religion, country … and you will see that it will actually might start several conversation with locals…

5. Only in Jamaica you can party every night until morning

The country that never sleeps, the culture and vibe is here all the time and one thing locals love is to celebrate and party. So you can find parties every night anywhere around the island, that just part of the culture.

It’s a different experience to be in a party \ session. there are the reggae session and the dancehall parties\ dance and both are different but have such a great vibe…

I recommended to attend a party to get the local vibe and see how much music is in the hear of the people. And also, the industry of entertainment and its successes in Jamaica.

6. Only in Jamaica you can find so many small business

Jamaica it’s the most entrepreneurial county in the Caribbean’s !

People here have so much ambition when it comes to their dream, and Jamaican love to dream big, and willing to work hard for it.

There are so many people that called hustlers but actually they are just great sales persons. And the un-employment here force many to create more ways of income from what they have or what they know to do.

So when coming here support local business its well appreciated !

If you live here, you will get to know that many locals have multiple streams of incomed or side hustles to main tian a living but also because Jamaicans can do just one things yuh know…

7. Only in Jamaica real names are barley know

So its funny but in Jamaica nick names is a heugh things, sometime the nick name is the only name people know. How they know you for…?

Nick names are given from childhood and other life time experience, and usually describe the looks of the person, special talent, something funny that he do, strong character and more…

8. Only in Jamaica restaurant menu is for recommendation only

Always ask in the restaurant what’s available today, because menu changes so often based on the fresh supply in the place which sometimes result only some of the menu to be available.

9. Only in Jamaica locals joke about everything

Jamaicans can be soooo funny, like honestly, they have this crazy humor sense and they love to entertain others… its just a local vibe, to take thing easy, happily and with joy and laugh.

Its important to know not to take people to personally because they laugh, its not to offend you.

People here are just happy so don’t take thing to serious.

10. All of the road common rules different interpretation

In Jamaica road rules are very important to learn, especially if you choose to drive here. The unique things is that most of the common road laws that I knew are the complete opposite from what I knew…

For example :

· Honk to someone means ‘thanks you’ and not ‘move’

· Everyone stops\turn without indicator – lol…

· Police drive the worst and usually not being the explanatory organization

· Using cellphone while driving is almost not being enforced

· People will blink on the road to tell you ‘police a head’ instead to signal – slow down !

There are so many more things that really make the island super special and unique but you will have to visit here to really feel them.

Let me know in the comment what was an experience that made you think Jamaica is not a real place.


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